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Elizabeth Kato FINE ART 


Inspired by the prestigious artistic talent of her grandfather and mother, Liz Kato began painting watercolors of her Sullivan’s Island, SC home during her teens.  When a Charleston gallery featured her beach scenes as authentic interpretations of Low Country living, interior designers took notice, commissioning pieces for the homes of their coastal clients.

Liz painted throughout her twenties, shifting to mixed media on canvas add texture and depth to her softly blended brush strokes. She married and had three children, compelling a brief respite from her art. Continuing to find inspiration all around her growing family and seeking the therapeutic benefits of sharing her passion, she soon continued her creative expression.

Capturing the reflection of light off foaming waves, starlit seas, or reed rimmed marshes, Liz’s work invokes emotions of joy, peace, hope, gratitude and reveals her deep reverence for the glory of her natural surroundings.

The best inspiration for me is to head down to the island, smell the salty air, let my bare feet walk the beach, listen to the waves crash, watch the smiles of my kids giggling and chasing a crab back into his hole.


My most poignant piece was the recreation of “Shrimp Boat,” my grandfather’s painting, in my own style. I love the bright colors of Shem Creek and the way the light moves across the water, land and fishing boats moored there. He was a very detailed painter; my style is more abstract.

I recently went through the untimely loss of my father. The beach and water are where I hold many memories with him; boating, fishing and walking on the beach with my kids. Those memories of spending time with him around the island will always influence my work.

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